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There is so much going on these days that it is very hard to keep up; especially, the things that are behind the scenes. Life and daily news events are often filled with prophetic signs and hints. I often find myself trying to listen to what is not being said, asking and listening from within. In this publication we only bring these events and insights to our reader’s attention for the sake of awareness and intercession. God would not have us to be ignorant concerning these things. “Watch and Pray.” In this writing we will not go into great details but rather touch on several events and see some of them from a perspective beyond what the controlled media reports. You will have to listen with your spiritual ear or this will appear as only information. We hope to provoke you to love for righteousness, humanity, justice and intercession for the planet.

For many years I have been covering world events in prophetic newsletters before and after they would take place. I’d often post them on the internet, send out hard copies, or share them in conferences/gathers. For years much of the insight into what some would call “conspiracy theories” were direct revelations given to me. Sometimes this information would come in dreams, visions, literately hearing the news before the news while in semi-sleep state, out of body experiences, angelic visitations, etc. Often time we have posted events and sent out hard copies with accuracy giving the year, month, season, within a 2-4 day window, and even the time. Thanks to the sophistication of modern technology many of the “far out” prophecies, intuitions and explanations of what was “really” happening behind the scenes and the culprits behind them is being confirmed again and again.

Of course there were negative emails, people that feel they have to defend our country or government. Also, those that think it is anti-American or “unpatriotic” to cry out against injustices or crimes committed by our leaders. I am sure the religious Jews of old thought Jesus to be unpatriotic and anti-Israeli when they heard the Matthew 24 discourse of prophecies or the powerful Matthew 23 message. He would have even been called anti-Semitic had he himself not been a Jew. Plus, there was this host of prophets from the Old Testament constantly exposing and reproving works done in the dark and challenging the leaders and people to live a lifestyle of holiness. By the way, what’s up with the Kansas Prophets, Elijah List Group and all these other “prophets” that never seems to hold this Administration or Israel accountable for anything or challenge it to righteousness? Guess if they did, that would mean “professional suicide”. No more TV Shows, no financial support, membership dropping, etc. Aren’t you just disgusted with the politics of western Christianity (religion)? (In all fairness, maybe some of them have had the gall to use their platform to address “real issues”, maybe I just haven’t heard about it yet).

Jesus did teach us that whatever is done in the dark would be brought to the light and whatever that is spoken in secret would be shouted in the housetop. This is that day where everything is being revealed; we have Big Brother, satellites, video cam, cell phone cam and video. Anyone can now record/report events without bias and in just minutes millions can see it around the world.


The resounding questions by media hosts to guests have been, “Do you think America is ready for an African American to lead the country and the world?” “Can you envision a woman in the White House?” (OMG, what is this world coming to)?

I got a chance to listen to some of the debates and speeches. I heard a lot about “Change,” a call for change which to me translates to “repentance” changing the heart and mind. There seems to be a shift in consciousness on the planet where progressive positive consciousness is working hard to try to undo what has been allowed over the past 8 years. I used to think that only God hand picks who is to lead a country, as the psalmist wrote, “promotion comes from God”. I do yet realize that ultimately God allows the outcome.

Do you remember the story of Saul, the first king over Israel? It was the will of the people that chose him for that position; they would not listen to Samuel’s prophetic counsel. 1 Samuel 8 God told Samuel to give the people what they want (Samuel told them he would take them to war, and violate their civil liberties, etc – I warned of the same things in 2000-2001). Saul was only an outward figure/expression of the hearts of the people. Saul was arrogant, rebellious, impatient and schizophrenic (double minded), so were the people. So what does this concept say about most Christians in America today?

The next 4 years will be the most crucial for our nation, humanity and the planet. Although, we know what the Scriptures say and we know the overall outcome is victory; there is yet a lot of spiritual work we must do to experience the positive side of it. There have been many nice words and plans spoken by Senators Obama and Clinton; and I do sense genuineness in Senator Obama more than any that I have heard in a long time. I really think he believes that he can restore our nation’s integrity, honor and admiration back among the international community. I feel he is very sincere and is concern about the whole of America and that’s what concerns me.

Based on what the heavens are speaking and other insight, I am surprise that Senator Obama is the Democratic Candidate. I believe this is due to the shift in consciousness on the planet and the strong desire for light instead of darkness. We only pray that this shift in consciousness continue to gain momentum.


I think more people are beginning to realize there is an ancient “sinister shadow government” that really pulls the strings of world leaders that will not willingly comply with their wishes. The leaders that refuse their agenda are rendered politically irrelevant or assassinated. You can call these people “the gods of this world”, at least that’s what they’d like to think of themselves as. Most of the people that have ruled this nation are of a particle “bloodline”. They create the illusion of Republican or Democrat and the choices between the two, in reality there is only one; their hidden agenda. This bloodline can be found among those who control Hollywood, the Media and the most influential people of the world.

From the beginning of biblical records there was this thing about “bloodlines”, you remember all the boring “begats” of Genesis? From Genesis chapters 3-4 we are shown two bloodlines; one is referred to as the serpent seed (reptilians), the other is the righteous.

These two seeds manifested as Cain and Abel, Cain killed his brother Abel. The name Cain means, Acquisition, Possession; Spear. So we see hidden in that name was his nature to conquer and take by force something that was not his, violence and warfare. Reading Cain’s genealogy in Genesis 4 we see in the “sons of Cain” the same spirit of violence, acquisition and murder manifesting. This seed has prevailed and conquered down through the ages by the same methods. Even Jesus recognized and opposed it in his day and called them a “generation of viper” and said their father was the devil.

IS IT THEN COINCIDENCE THAT WE HAVE A MAN BY THE NAME OF JOHN SIDNEY McCAIN WANTING TO BE PRESIDENT? McCain literally means, “son of Cain”. John means Beloved – Sidney means Wide Well-Watered Land – McCain means Son of Cain. Could this be where the southern expression of “raising Cain” comes from? Notice one way how his name reads prophetically by using the literal definitions of his name.

“The beloved son(s) of Cain through acquisition, violence and warfare have become a wide well and watered lands (prosperous).”

WHAT ABOUT PRESIDENTIAL HOPEFUL BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA? Barack Hussein Obama is an Arabic and African name. Barack means Lightning (Hebrew derivation Baruck means, Blessing) Hussein means Good Boy or good looking boy, Obama (Kenyan, African dialect) means to Lean Over or Bending (bow). Notice one way how his name reads prophetically by using the literal definitions of his name.

“A good boy leans, bends and bows in humility to bring revelation/light and blessings”.

These names are filled with prophetic clues, hints and history of two seeds.

Did you know that President Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and Senator Barack Obama are related; distant cousins? They share the same “bloodline” through Obama’s white mother. Do you really think that’s coincidence?

DID YOU REALIZE THAT AT LEAST 25 OF THE PRESIDENTS OF AMERICA ARE VERIFIABLE RELATED? ALSO A HIGH NUMBER OF VICE PRESIDENTS AND OTHER HIGH OFFICIALS? Furthermore, their “bloodlines” can be traces back to royalty and rulers of Europe. Don’t you find it a bit strange and beyond coincidence?


(My grandmother was very superstitious and somewhat spiritual. Her eldest son was left-handed and she seemed to equate the chaos, violence and constant drama in his life with him being left-handed. I clearly remember her often correcting my cousins and me if we favored our left-hand. I later found out this myth is in most cultures around the world. The Hebrew definition means the dark side).

Some months back I noticed that both John McCain and Barack Obama were left-handed, this seemed to get my attention and struck me as odd, I remembered Clinton being left-handed also. So I decided to do a little research.

Did you realize that only about 10% of humans are “left-handed”, yet a vast majority of Presidents, candidates, politicians and hopefuls are left-handed? Barack Obama, John McCain, Bill Clinton, George Bush Sr., Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, Herbert Hoover, Harry Truman, Ross Perot, John Edwards, Al Gore, etc. Historians say that most of the founding fathers were “closeted” left-handed; it has only been socially acceptable to be openly left-handed since the 20th century. Hhmm.


Here is something to pray about. This article below is from: (copy and paste all links below to address bar for full report) 

Kenyan Prophet, Johanwa Owalo, the founder of Kenya’s Nomiya Luo Church, and who among the Kenya people of the Luo religion is believed to be a prophet similar to Jesus Christ and Muhammad, and who in 1912 made this horrific prophecy about the United States:

“So far have they [the United States] strayed into wickedness in those [future] times that their destruction has been sealed by my [father]. Their great cities will burn, their crops and cattle will suffer disease and death, their children will perish from diseases never seen upon this Earth, and I reveal to you the greatest [mystery] of all as I have been allowed to see that their [the United States] destruction will come about through the vengeful hands of one of our very own sons.” [1]

To the greatest accuracy of the Kenyan Prophet Johanwa Owalo’s words we must note the striking coincidence that this nearly 100-year-old prophecy seemingly echoes into our troubled times, Senator Obama does appear to be the fulfillment of this prophecy as he is, indeed, a ‘son’ of the Kenyan Luo tribal religion (a mixture of Christianity and African tribal beliefs) as he was born on August 4, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii to Barack Obama, Sr. (born in Nyanza Province, Kenya, of Luo ethnicity) and Stanley Ann Dunham (who was given her fathers first name).

Even more interesting, perhaps, is that this son of the Kenyan Luo peoples, Barack Obama, is seeking to become the leader of the United States at the exact same time that the Nation of his father is in crisis due to the flawed, and as some say ‘stolen’, election which has plunged the Kenyan people into tribal warfare which has claimed over 1,000 lives, and which many of the of the Luo’s believe is ushering in the times predicted by their Prophet Johanwa Owalo…


Obama has vowed if he is elected president that he will get our troops out, Clinton has also agreed we should get out and many Republicans also. Is this likely to happen? NO!! Does this mean that Obama lied? Not necessarily, early on when he made those promises he probably believed he could. What then will keep this war going on until we are in full blown WW3?

President Bush’s secret plan to keep his “War Of Terror” ongoing in spite of whose in the White House. This plan would totally undermine and render powerless the next administration’s plans to withdraw our troops. USA troops would be there indefinitely if this happens. Pray about this. Check out the link below. 

Will we see Bush and or Israel attack Iran within the next 5 months? (They really want to nuke Iran – we’ve been warning about this for over 4 years and praying against it- continue to pray). Will there be another “staged attack” on American soil to be used as a pretext for expanding the beginnings of WW3 aka Global War of Terrorism? COULD EITHER OF THESE EVENTS KEEP PRESIDENT BUSH IN OFFICE WELL INTO 2009??


For many years now we have been sounding the alarm and raising up intercessors to pray about the hidden plans for this nations. I honestly believe it has been the prayers, meditation and light work of the righteous that has restrained the wicked ones thus far from fulfilling their hidden agenda.

Do you remember the “Fire Drills” at school and how much fun they were? You got to get out of that stuffy class room, hang out a bit with a classmate, the pop quiz that you were not prepared for was interrupted. Wasn’t it fun seeing the nice red shinny fire truck, the firemen in gear, learning the importance of being calm in the midst of all the excitement?

Guest what? America is being prepared for Martial Law and most people are liking it and thinking that it’s a good idea and kewl to see the Marines train and pretend to take over their property. Ooouuuu! Aaahhhhh! (Check out the link below) 

Did you know that America has over 800 Concentration Camps empty and waiting to be filled? Most of them can hold at least 20,000 and a few can hold over 1 million detainees. Some of these facilities were once military based that have been closed down. They are conveniently located near airports, railways, are being equipped with security and are now functional.

In event that Americans start to wake up from their hypnotic trance and rage against the powers, even softly: they can be labeled as an “enemy combatant” and shipped off to Alaska or hundreds of miles from home. Many would say, that will never happen here. “In the very near future as “civil unrest is created” in this country, trains and FEMA airplanes will be whisking people off to “detention centers” (Concentration Camps). It will be explained that it is for national security purposes, the jails are too full and most of all it is for your own safety. This “created” civil unrest will cause Race Riots, and many rioting due to the extreme economical situation that has been created to devalue and get rid of US currency”.


Over 2 months ago I was shocked as a parent, as a “believer” and as an American. I watched the horrific scenes unfold on the evening news with no resistance or public outcry. I saw over 450 children torn from their parents’ arms, psychologically damaged, abused and traumatized by the state; while the state accused the parents of abuse. I was shocked that most of America agreed with the authorities or could care less.

Do you see how easy it was for the State to raid a religious organization (compound/gated community), confiscate their children, scatter them to the four corners of Texas; all based on an allege phone call that never took place and the suppose caller was never found? How could the Christians of Texas be so silent? Where were the protest marches on behalf of those poor parents? Why was the government so concerned about collecting DNA samples for their database for this secluded sect? They pulled it off without hardly a cough from the Christian Community or anyone else. Who will be next now that they know they can get away with it so easily? What mega-Church, religious Organization or small group that does not conform to this world system will be next? Remember, it only takes someone alleging they got a phone call.

The scenes played out on the TV and internet daily were to soften the minds and psychologically prepare the nation to see more of these types of raids. Think!!! Before this, when was the last time you read or heard about the police & CPS raiding a quiet “gated community” and confiscating ALL the children because a few pedophiles might be living in it? NEVER!! Could this happen in your gated community?


Many of those in Hollywood (remember what I said about the “bloodline”? Scroll up) job is to prepare the general public by soften their minds to erratic change through the making of movies and forth telling what shall be. For sometime now I have noticed films with African Americans as Presidents. In the more serious films an African American President was in charge during a time of global upheaval, global terrorism, on the brink planetary destruction and threats from space. Here is a list of films featuring a Black President that will provide some hidden clues and hints of events in the coming days:

“DEEP IMPACT” (East Coast destroyed by a Comet)

“FIFTH ELEMENT” (Earth threaten by evil-saved by love)

“24” (Fox series Radical Terrorist in the country)

“LEFT BEHIND” (World at War)

“STEALTH FIGHTER” (Covert war tactics in Central America)

List of films featuring a Female President that may provide some hidden clues and hints:

“PRISON BREAK” (Corrupt female VP assumes Oval Office after having President assassinated)

“WHOOPS APOCALYPSE” (President dies, female VP becomes and causes WW3)

I am not suggesting you watch all these movies, only provoking you to think outside the box.


Jesus and other prophets warn throughout the bible of unusual weather and natural disasters at the end of the age. Many years ago I heard the Spirit say to me, “The time will soon come when it will be hard to discern between Nature and man made weather and natural disasters”. I didn’t really understand this word over 15 years ago when I started to publicly prophecy about weather and natural disasters. Over the years I was led to watch patterns and researched secret weapons being used by our government and other governments of the world. However, it was always hard to prove or confirm what I was receiving until the past several years. I have been getting emails and phone calls from around the globe from people asking me about the weather or complaining about it. Below I will only deal with some resent events:

In 2006 we wrote how Earth stopped wobbling for the whole month of January 2006. I felt it was due to the major man-made Earthquakes and Tsunami of 2004 and 2005.  – In January 2007 we published again what we felt Spirit was revealing  


Now there is scientific confirmation. The first time in recorded history, in 2007 every country on the planet had floods. There was simultaneous Volcano eruptions (as I had prophesied 2005 –“Angelic Visitations” Publication). There was a first time Tropical Storm Developed on land, etc. This year- 2008 Seattle/Pacific Northwest got snow storms in June, record Floods and Tornadoes, Heat Waves, etc. As I was sharing with Barbara why the weather was so off, she reminded me that we may be forced to use the authority we’ve been given over the weather in order to survive.

Is there something the governments of this world don’t want you to know that’s happening? The planet has shifted an additional 26 degrees off its axis. You may also be feeling unbalanced in many areas of your life due to this. (Check this link out)  


Over 80,000 people reportedly died; although many feel the numbers were much higher. A city was destroyed in an instance on May 12, 2008. When I heard the news I told the person that called me that this was an all out attack and escalation of the unofficial war and that China will probably retaliate. For several years we have been prophetically warning and asking people to intercede regarding the unknown war between USA & China. This unofficial war is very high tech and is being fought through propaganda, use of media scares and “secret weapons” designed to manipulate weather and create earthquakes. Entities within our government have used these high tech weapons to pressure nations to do what we want them to do

A few weeks later I was sent confirmation; this man is speaking the same things we have been writing about for years. Watch this video NOW before it gets pulled:  

As a result of this China has urged Syria and Turkey not to allow more water into the rivers Euphrates and Tigris (Iraq). This could dry up the Euphrates to prepare the way for the king of the East (China). “And the sixth angel poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates; and the waters were dried up, that the way of the kings of the east might be prepared.” Revelation 16:12

China also has some high tech weapons. We reported the heavy snow fall on Tibet that China admitted to causing in April ‘07. It was also circulating that China sent Hurricane Katrina in retaliation to America’s prior Sci-Fi weather and natural disaster attacks. What else does China (200 million army) plan on doing besides creating a drought in Iraq (where 150,000 USA troops are) and preparing to use their allied bases of Syria and Iran?


Last fall and early 2008 I was sharing a dream in some gatherings. I saw myself drive up to the gas station and the sign read $5.63 Regular Unleaded, I sat in my car shocked and woke up. I knew with no doubt that we would soon see record breaking prices at the pump. I expect it to go way beyond the amount that I saw and would not be surprise to see it at $8.00 a gallon in the near future.


A frog can be boiled and cooked alive if he is put in cold water, he will not jump out of the pot. He will just sit there in the nice water as the heat gets turned up little by little. He has no clue what is happening, in his mind everything is alright. Soon his nerves and senses are slowly deadened; he doesn’t feel the change in the temperature. The steam coming off the water alerts him but by the time he realizes things are not alright, he’s cooked.

Sadly, this is the state that so many Americans are in, Believers and non believers. As we stated earlier this, writing is published to make people aware and hopefully to awake people from their complacency. This is the day of unveiling and that which has been hidden is being revealed. Be as the “wise virgins”. Hopefully this revelation and information will provoke others to prayer, love, good works and a sense of community, our survival depends on this. Feel free to forward this to others.

Watch and Pray,



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