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The beginning of this publication may appear negative to some, however, you will find the balance before the end.

The sun has now entered into the Zodiac Sign House of Scorpio, which speaks of Conflict, Warfare and Death. It is ruled by the planet Mars, which speaks of Aggression and Warfare. Most of the stars in this constellation reiterate the idea of struggling and pain. {This constellation prophesied of Jesus taking the sting of death for every man}. We can see the outward expression demonstrated in the Middle East, which will become progressively worse. In our September publication we gave a Watch date for intensified prayer for safety and peace, the Spirit had alerted us that something major would happen around the Jewish Feast days. On Rosh Hashana (New Year) Ariel Sharon and 1500 armed men (police and army) went to a disputed holy site and provoked what I feel is the beginning of World War III, the beginning of sorrows.

In our April publication, “May 5, 2000 Follow-up” we spoke of the war clouds coming. The Spirit said that as the heavens (planets) had lined themselves against the earth, it signified the armies of the world being summoned. He also spoke that He would begin to blow on the Hot Spots of the world and bring their efforts for peace to naught.

While writing our last publication, “Day of Reversals” 9/10/00, I went into a prophetic vision. I saw multiple deaths and flag draped coffins, I saw dignitaries and processions. I knew this would be watched by the world. Filled with strong emotions from the experience, my thought was bodies lying in state.

During the Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot) in Hawaii I turned on CNN. I watched flag draped coffins of the 17 young sailors killed on the USS Cole 10/12/00, one month and 2 days after the vision and newsletter publication. I later watched as Governor Carnaham of Missouri flag draped coffin was brought in. I heard the Spirit say, “This is what I was showing you”.

In 1999 the Spirit told us to prophesy to the winds and told us that we would soon see storms packing winds of over 200 mph. A few people laughed and questioned if I was sure that I heard from God. September 20, 2000 a rare F-4 Tornado hit Xenia, Ohio devastating everything in its path with winds from 206-270 miles per hour. It struck so fast the warning systems did not detect it. This is the beginning of F-4 series, which in the past has only accounted for only 2% of all record Tornadoes. The F-4’s and F5’s shall literally help change the landscape over the next 3 years.


“For the next 3 years the armies of the world will be summoned. You will see wars and chaos, the governments of the world will seem out of control. These major destructions will come in stages leading up to the climax of a high level nuclear war around the summer of 2003. America and Europe (NATO) will be heavily involved especially between 2002 and 2003 in the Middle East.

Brothers of Vengeance that have been denied will joined together (United Arab League), they will be supported by Russia and Eastern Europe. Their supporters are not interested in settling the age-old conflict between Ishmael and Isaac, or Esau and Jacob, their motivation is Greed. Therefore, they will return to the North Countries in utter defeat and shame.

After Jacob stole the Birthright and Blessing from Esau, 20 years later Esau was willing to reconcile and did. But Jacob added insult to injury by promising to meet Esau at Seir and didn’t keep his word. Genesis 33 For nearly 4000 years Esau (Palestinians/Arabs) has waited for Jacob (Israel) to meet him at Seir. By the year 2003 or immediately following the Great War of 2003: Israel must meet Esau in Seir (Saudi Arabia) to avoid complete annihilation. This will then begin to bring closure to this 4000-year-old family feud. This will represent 80 Jubilees for Ishmael/Esau, and that which has been denied and stolen must be returned.

Then will Jacob (Israel) be humbled and speak to Esau (Arabs) as he did nearly 4000 years ago. I see your face, it is like the face of God and you are not angry with me. And Esau (Arabs) will then embrace and recognize the state of Israel”


In 1998 the Spirit began to bring the year 2003 before me, at times I could see it in gigantic numbers. He began to say that it will be a very significant time and a turning point for our planet. However, this great Change would not come about without Great Sacrifice and loss of lives.

The impressions and visions over the past few years regarding 2003 have been of suffering and great pain as we have not seen. This will mostly affect parts of Europe and the Middle East. Leading up to that time the Hot Spots of the world will seem to catch on fire as mankind is pushed to the end of himself.

However, before the end of summer or early autumn 2003, I feel that mankind will have scorched the earth in a high level nuclear war. This will indeed affect the planet; it will be the turning point for all humanity.

Can’t you hear the Sirens, Warning Alarms, and Cries as people run through the streets. The missiles as they fly over the cities to hit their targets, night turned to day.

{It wont be long, I see in our country missiles flying, and even from within our borders. I can hear eye witness accounts, sirens in the background and the warning alarms not turned off. I hear explosions on both coasts.—-I see the word “panic” in bold letters as headlines }.


Those of us that are Overcoming realize that the only “man of sin” we need to be concern with is the old man, old nature-Adam. From the Divine perspective the old man has been dealt with and don’t exist; however, from the human perspective we need something to overcome.

Nevertheless, the world needs a human leader until they realize God is in control. President Clinton has done all he can to help the Peace Process and he soon will leave office.

George Bush doesn’t have the tolerance and sensitivity that Clinton has exemplified regarding ALL involved in the Middle East. There is a need for a world leader to arise, the timing is perfect. Clinton is gone and his successor can not fill his shoes.

This Peace Maker – Problem Solver (Anti-Christ) is preparing to save the day, so he thinks. When will we know for sure who he is? Between Passover 2002 and Passover 2003 there shouldn’t be anymore doubts. {His birth sign most likely will be Taurus or Scorpio}. He must have strong ties to the house of David; whether that information is made public or not. He must be someone that the Israelis and Arabs trust.

As the Conflict in the Middle East intensifies, Arafat and Barak will turn to Europe for help; someone to mediate. (We will watch England) Will Prince Charles play a major roll in the near future?

The servant does not know what his Master does, but it is revealed to His sons. And they that be wise shall shine like the brightness of the firmament; they shall turn many to righteousness, as the stars forever and ever. The Lord has spoken, who can but prophesy? Pray for your world.

The prophesies, visions, and impressions above are not meant to create fear, rather they are warnings by the Spirit to generate Faith in God.


Rosel Romancia of Hilo, Hawaii hosted the Feast on Mt. Kilauea. Thanks again for doing such a wonderful job in making sure everyone’s needs were met.

Elaine Cook taught the Book of Ruth, the Kinsman Redeemer, and Redeeming the Land. Tony Salmon preached to us about the Seed. I taught the Mazzaroth, the Stars, in the evening I taught the Secrets of Tabernacles. It was 8 days of Glory, 2 meetings a day and workshops in the afternoon.

{God told Abraham “I will give you the Land, and your Seed will be like the Stars of heaven. As you can see our messages coincided. There is only One Voice, but various vibrations}.

Bro. Jay covered the Workshops in the afternoon dealing with ministry, worship, Hawaiian culture, etc. Gary Sigler also ministered and shared the word of the Lord.

We really appreciated the locals. Bro. Dean was in charge of much of the Worship and Music Ministry, a wonderful job. Milton and Marion Lee of Oahu blest us mornings and evenings in Praise and Worship. Roselle #2 ministered prophetically in Worship, plus the other worship groups that participated. John McGill and Diane coordinated the transportation, Terry our sound technician, and many other working behind the scenes. We appreciate you. ALOHA !

There were about 23 of us that flew from the Seattle area-thanks for your participation and cooperation. You were a blessing.


The Trees of Sukkot. Lev. 23:40-41 I spoke on the mystical meanings behind the Trees used to make the Booths.

Sukkot commemorated the Exodus of Israel from Egypt-they lived in booths in the wilderness. The custom for thousands of years is to sat a chair in the booth for 7-days. The Tanach (OT Bible) or the Zohar was placed on the chair. The 8th day the chair was left empty, or a guest was brought in.

A holy guest was expected to visit each night. 3-Myrtle stems one for each night was placed on the chair representing Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. 2-Willow stems one for each night, representing Moses and Aaron. 1-Palm stem, representing Joseph 1-Fruit tree stem, representing David.

So we have 7 stems for 7 nights of Tabernacles, but there is the Great Day which is the 8th. From the Messianic perspective, we know that represents the Tree of Life, Yahshua (Jesus).

If we were to put these name together to form a prophetic declaration it would read as thus, from the definitions of the names.

The Father of Multitudes (Abraham) Laughs (Isaac) at our Deceptions and Lies (Jacob). However, when we have been Drawn from the Waters of humanity (Moses), the Light will come and raise us up (Aaron); then He will Add another Son (Joseph) Well Beloved of the Father (David) to bring Salvation to All (Yahshua/Jesus).

Isn’t this is what the Feast of Tabernacles is all about, the Ingathering, the Salvation of the world? It’s the sons of God manifesting Him in every aspect of life, bringing reconciliation.


1) Myrtle-Represents a person that does Good Deeds, but he is not learned in the Bible, he has No Revelation Knowledge. The Myrtle Tree smells good, but has no taste.

Myrtle people can easily become Self-Righteous, because they are busy Do-ing instead of Be-ing.

2) Palm-Represents a person learned in the Bible, great revelation knowledge, they know all the mysteries, but they have No Good Deeds. The Palm Tree taste good, but has no smell.

Palm people can easily become filled with Pride, because they know everything, but they don’t apply the word in a practical sense in everyday life. It becomes head knowledge.

3) Willow-Represents a person with No Good Deeds and No Understanding of the Word. The Willow Tree has no smell or taste.

Willow people will easily become depressed and fall back into the Sin Consciousness. They neither have Word or experiences to stand on.

4) Fruit-Represents one that is learned in the Word of God, he is Be-Coming the Word, therefore he is Do-ing the Word. His life is filled with Good Deeds, because he knows who he is. The Fruit Tree has Good Taste and Good Smell.

Fruity people fulfill John chapter 15. They bring forth Fruit (Passover-30 fold), More Fruit (Pentecost-60 fold), Much Fruit (Tabernacles-100 fold). This is the well balanced Believer.

Fruit of Righteousness, of the Spirit, and of Converts. Be Fruitful and multiply your Christ Self in the earth.

The Myrtle Tree standing alone is out of balance and can be easily pushed over. The Palm Tree is out of balance and can’t stand alone. The poor Willow Tree don’t have a chance, it’s always droopy and sad, condemning itself or others. The Fruit Tree as wonderful as it is needs the others to stay strong.

When the boughs of the Trees are entwined together, no one is lacking anything. It makes a strong booth to house the Presence of God. The Feast of Tabernacles is about UNITY. When we are locked arm in arm, no force within or without can destroy us. You will be as a Tree planted by the rivers of waters that cannot be moved, for you are the planting of the Lord. And all the Trees of the field shall clap their hands.

From the Feast of Tabernacles 2000 in Hawaii-



TRIBE-O-SCOPE was introduced at the Feast of Tabernacles. We have gotten nothing but positive reports as people were amazed by the accuracy and depth of the information and revelation knowledge detailed to their circumstances and character.

Tribe-O-Scope is a detailed Characteristic Chart based on your birth date and month (not year) and the Tribe you were assigned to in the Bible. For example if your birthday is March 23, your Tribal Sign is Gad- The Tribe of Gad was assigned the Zodiac Sign of Aries. Based on the names of the sons of Gad from the Hebrew, and the experiences of the Gadites throughout the Bible-the Holy Spirit showed me how to put together a Chart dealing with positive and negative Traits, Health, Career-Finances, Relationship, and Spirituality.



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