JANUARY 19, 2005

Oh God, we haven’t known the Power of The Blood, even to any measure at all. Yet, with open hearts, we bow to The Awesome Covering of Our Lord Jesus Christ. We thank you that You have given this great awakening; that we are known and made ONE in You.

“New World, so beautiful, wrapped so completely in The Holy Spirit, or as one person has written,” “Wrapped in the seamless quilted garment of The Lord,” “I hold you in my hands and kiss your pretty face.”

We are reminded of the quick work, cut short in the righteous shed blood of Jesus, knowing it is the end of the old world, the final sacrifice, and has annulled the thoughts of separation from our Father .

Certainly, we have received many wonderful keys of understanding already.

“Yes, I Am A Kiss Upon The Face of Your Earth; A Blessing. I Am An Army Of One, One Breath, One Heart, One Spirit, One Life. I Am You, A Pure Drink Of Water From The Grand River of Life. I honor you, My Drink of Water more strongly than the whole of the oceans. You are the dweller of Heaven and Earth; your voice and your thoughts are as Mine.”

“I have not given you life with hammer and nails or with saw and chisel, nor have I reserved for you paper work or dollars and cents. I have given you reality; Life by My Spirit, complete without derailment or fear. It is come without confusion, in full measure; a prepared table of goodness.”

“I Am The Center and The Outer Limits of You, The Love and The Light of You. I Am The Newborn Glory of You, and I have found My Resting Place as You. You are established in the very top of the mountain, a Visionary and a Beacon. You have seen the stone rolled away and have seen the blinding Light of resurrection. As Your Hand clutches The Seamless Garment, a hum of satisfaction reverberates throughout creation”.

“Such a Single Eye You Are, Son of The Living God. You now see through My eyes; all men whole. Steadfast you go now, “Too pure eye to behold iniquity. Your constant vision rises to reveal that which was given; The finished work of the Cross, Jesus Christ manifest as The New Creation.”

Holy Spirit is come filling all space. We live and move as He moves. There is no end to our Grace and our Touch, We, Who have arisen out of One Drop of His All Consuming Blood.

All Our Love,


WRAPPED UP IN ONE [Jim-Melba Crofford] 1-19-05         1


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