FEBRUARY 17, 2005

How can a person be free unless he gives up the appearance world? Freedom is in The Spirit, The Everlasting; in The Life of God. Freedom, as we have discovered, is release from all that is not Father, all darkness and fear; freedom from worry about finance, health, old age, and more importantly, from the reasoning of the mind. Freedom is the free gift of Jesus Christ within.

Herein is The Spirit Presented, come within, the ability to know Life Eternal, even Now. No waiting. We may instantly know “I Am.” “I Am’ is here as the only Presence and Ability There Is. This Is The Great Awakening.

Freedom can be denied if there is a struggle to bring others to awakening. It can instantly become bondage to this person. To teach understanding can be limitation. However, teaching by Spirit can be of great benefit as the person comes to hear by Spirit. To reason the things of God, can be a detriment. Reasoning can be limitation and can take a person on years of rabbit trails.

Compare reasoning with Pure Love and Grace, The Instantaneous Presence of Our Father. The Heart of Spirit is Pure Love and Grace, The New World. Spirit accepts every man into peace and joy, Instant Unequivocal Reality.

There is no way for man to organize or give Reality, for It Is The Holiest of All, fully Prepared and Complete. Only by His Appearing In Love and Mercy, and by His Faith can Reality be known. Let us All acknowledge His Pure Redemption by Our Gifted Word.

The fight is over for the journey of intellect. Grace Is Come, Who He Is. That which would be organized or given by reasoning is only revealed in Him. He, The Savior Is Grace and Truth. Presented here Is Jesus, The Author of Salvation So Great and True. He says, “Come unto Me, and I will give you rest”, and He says, Whom I have set free is free indeed.”

Would we return to the time dimension of fleshly appearance, and would we return to instruction of man? Only in This Great Appearing is Life Now and forever. Life is Love come without repentance; Love in You, Oh Holy and Risen ONE. You are The Place I Have Prepared for My Father and Myself. We have Our Being in You. “

Come and acknowledge Home Now, Ye Who are weary, come and see that Ye are Home. The Blessing of Eternal Reality Is Come.”

Righteous Blessings,


YE WHO ARE WEARY, COME HOME [Jim-Melba Crofford] 2-17-05          1


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