MARCH 27, 2001

I had just received a story about water baptism through an e-mail and it reminded me of another precious story that Roger encountered “on the road”.  He was completing a large painting contract in another state.  On the way to this job, he saw a young man standing beside the road hitch-hiking and Roger felt the Lord was prompting him to give the guy a ride.

Within moments of the fellow joining him, he begins to tell Roger that only the night before, he had been somewhere close by and was thinking about going into a bar and drinking, but he came under such conviction that he did not go. Instead, he continued walking, looking for a place to throw his bedroll for the night.  He said he found himself beside a small lake and he was again prompted to action – this time to strip down to underwear [it was cold weather] and walk out into the lake and he said “God told me to lay back in the water because He wanted to baptize me and prepare me for a life of service.”

The fellow told Roger that after he came out of the lake and dried off, he felt impressed to walk back toward the highway.  He saw a small convenience store, had very little money, but went in and bought a hot cup of coffee, leaving his bedroll beside the door outside.  A man drove up in a car, walked into the store, walked directly to this guy and handed him $200.  He told him:  “Okay, you’re cleaned up now, so stay clean and every time you’re tempted, just remember God made a way of escape for you.”  All of this was without any previous conversation or any conversation following the act of handing him the money.  He said the man just turned and walked out the door, got in his car, and drove away.

The young man said he found a spot to spread his bedroll and quickly fell into a sound sleep.  He said he had a dream and in the dream, he saw himself beside the road “thumbing a ride.”  He saw someone in a vehicle the exact color and shape of Roger’s stop to pick him up.  He told Roger he had not been awake and standing beside the road 5 minutes when Roger pulled over to pick him up.  Roger said he could tell by the young man’s countenance that he was still in shock at the chain of events that had just occurred.

Roger took him on to the location where he would be working and hired him to be a helper for a few days to increase his supply of money – even shared a motel room with the young man.  He said one morning the fellow was gone without a word and was never seen again.

Well, what a way to spend an afternoon… but I’m glad to be reminded of that story that has never gotten on paper until now.

Blessings, Sunny













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