FEBRUARY 18, 2008

Would you like to lay down that unbearably heavy burden of worldly cares that you’ve been carrying these many years? Then come unto Me, and I will give you rest.

“But where do I find you?”

“You find Me in the same place that I found you when you were lost. That was in the deepest unexplored space of the you that I created. You are an unexplored universe, a being without limits, and I Am the Center of your universe, the same One who centers His outer universe.

“All things-planets, galaxies, stars, people, trees, flowers-flow from Me. I am the center. I am your center. When you, the prodigal, return to Me, your Father, you return to your Center of being. You find your real self-Me.

“There is no independent self. That is the lie the whole world has sought, and consequently it has plunged itself into an ocean of unbelief. It is a drowning world, weighed down with the thick, heavy darkness of despair, and sinking beneath waves of guilt and frustration.

“Come unto Me, and I will give you rest. If you will come to Me, together we will explore the real universe, the unexplored space within you.

I delight to show you the real you I’ve created. I created you to be with Me forever no separation ever! Where I am there is joy, peace, and unlimited creativity. I will make new worlds with you when you let Me loose you from your bondage.

“Come; you are not an independent you. Throw off that lie and come with Me. I’ve already ascended above the world’s dark clouds of unbelief. You are Mine; and I am yours; and we belong to the same Father. He gave you Me.  Come learn of Him. Let’s delight in His love.

“You never were your own any more than the earth was yours. The earth was given to Me, and I give it to you as we explore the universe within you. The earth is just a speck in that space. Don’t settle for earth when the universe is yours. Claim what is yours by inheritance in your Oneness with Me. Accept your freedom in Me. I am your freedom to possess the land and to proclaim liberty to the captives.”















YOU ARE NOT YOUR OWN [Marvin E. Cope] 2-18-08          1


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