FEBRUARY 21, 2008

Haven’t you touched the hem of eternity, The Eternal One Himself? Sure you know you have put on your golden slippers and are walking The Lighted Pathway.

Haven’t you seen every fence fall down before you, and every door open wide? You are born with open vision.  You know how to explain unobstructed sight.  Are you blessed endlessly, and increased multi-fold? Yes!  Isn’t your heart so big, it covers all mankind no matter how pure or lost they may seem?

You search your own book reading His Thoughts. Do you find any boundaries there? Would you dare shake hands with The King of Glory? Would you converse with Him The Wonders of The Father?  Dare you eat the cake of His Presence, and be glorified in the heights of His Seeing? You will magnify His Name as you walk upon the Mountain Top.

Would you take the hand of any child and see him open to your discovered treasure?  

You are not an initiate you know. You are My Only Begotten Son. Your wings are spread and subject of everlasting righteous perfection. You have thrilled to the freedom flow of the river as you have sung the song of redemption.

Now, I have called you to know the unfolded mystery of Christ within, and to declare freedom to all men. You are sent on a direct course under the mantle of Truth. You see as I see, nothing out of order; no hurt in all my Holy Mountain. Yours is the ability to see no darkness at all.  Seated in Heaven, all things are under your feet.  You know Who The First Born of every man is, as you survey the face of creation.

I will talk to you now of The Resurrected Jesus Who dwells in every man as The Light of The World:

“Salvation does not have an end, but it does have a face seen in My Body of Radiant Glory. Salvation is unending beauty and unconditional love always dwelling in hearts of Light. Light is here for I Am the Light that lighteth every man.”

“When there were yet sinners, Christ died for the ungodly.” Christ, like the acorn seed of a mighty oak tree is shinning forth in every man; a planted sure sign of His Presence. His Light has distilled any and all condemnation, and has made us all ONE NEW MAN, recognized by some and yet to be seen by the many.

In the mean time, He reigns with all things under His feet, even though it may not be apparent to some.  

Please read the fifth chapter of Romans to confirm that Jesus more than restored any and everything that was lost in Adam, and confirm your belief that He finished the work the Father gave Him to do.  Discover that a whole new world is come as The Resurrected Jesus Christ; The New Covenant.   Discover the impact of His Wonderful Grace, and the infinite freedom wrought in Him.  Let all men go free in your heart, and bless our Father for His endless mercy.

Always know, you are the testimony of Resurrection In Christ.


Love always,


YOU ARE QUESTIONED [Jim-Melba Crofford] 2-21-08          1


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