THE KNOWLEDGE OF YAHWEH comes through judgment, not as we are tempted to think, through blessing. In working through Ezekiel’s prophecy we were struck with the continually recurring refrain, which closes many of its sections: “And you shall know that I am Yahweh.” One nation after another is dealt with for their doings, and Yahweh brings upon them evils of all kinds, the sword, and famine and the plague, and the result is always the same. They become acquainted with the God of Israel through His judgments in the earth. Even those nations, which He employed to chastise Israel and Judah must suffer for the way in which they treated His people, although they were used by Him as His rod.

And will it not be the same in the future? Will not the knowledge of Yahweh, which will characterize the thousand years of blessing, be based upon the terrific judgments, which precede it? The goodness of God does not seem to lead men to an acquaintance with Him, but evil is the salutary and effective means in His dealing with the nations on the earth.

With the individual it is the same. Many take refuge in Him from evil, in faith. Even the saint is often driven to Him by trial. And is not the unbeliever brought to a knowledge of Christ and God in the great white throne judgment, when he will be dealt with for his sins? It will be a severe but salutary experience, and will not result in annihilation or eternal torment, but in a knowledge of the Deity which prepares them for His grace in making them alive and reconciling them at the consummation.

Such a view of evil should help us not only to bear the trials which come to us, but to rejoice in them, and to give thanks for them, for we also wish to know Yahweh in an increasing measure, and be prepared to appreciate the pleasures promised in His presence.

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YOU SHALL KNOW THAT I AM YAHWEH [Adolph E. Knoch]          1


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