So Elihu, the son of Barachel the Buzite, answered and said: “I am young in years, and you are very old; therefore I was afraid, and dared not declare my opinion to you. I said, ‘Age should speak, and multitude of years should teach wisdom.’ But there is a spirit in man, and the breath of the Almighty gives him understanding.” Job 38:6-8

Shalom! The Bible tells us that in the last days of this age the Holy Spirit would be poured out on the youth. In our travels and ministry in Seattle, we are seeing many young people delivered from drug addictions, alcoholism, fears and religion. Many of these young adults are rising up with great wisdom, boldness and power to proclaim the message of God’s Kingdom.

In this publication we would like to expose our readers to some of the wisdom of God that’s being channeled through our beautiful international group here in Seattle. Be inspired through the Testimony, Poetry and Messages of young leaders that are preparing to shake the nations with words of Life.



My name is Linda. I was born in South Vietnam, as a child I remember lying in bed at night but did not know whether I was awake or asleep. I had nightmares of hands reaching out of fire to grab me, the torments and sense of helplessness overwhelmed me night after night.

When I was 9 years old our family escaped from Vietnam. Our boat met an Oil Tanker that sent us to Malaysia. The night mares that I’d had from my earliest memory still haunted me night after night. They became so intense that my family became very fearful that I would kill myself by falling off the mountain, because I would run out of the house into the dark. As I got older I tried meditating on Buddha, it did not help me. I heard about the Gospel of Jesus and did not understand it, but I made a simple prayer to this new God that I had heard about and I never had those kinds of nightmares again.

After arriving in Seattle at nearly 12 years of age I heard about people speaking in tongues and later tried it. There was no one to teach me about it so for many years I did not praise God again and forgot about the speaking in tongues.

In April 2001, I was invited to one of John’s meetings. He ministered to Me by the Spirit and I have been speaking in tongues since and have learned how to build up my spirit.

Attending the Saturday night Fellowships not only helped me to receive this wonderful gift, but God gave me my spiritual identity. {Also it was revealed through the spirit of prophesy that my family; which appeared beyond repair would be restored-I am seeing changes already.}

For over 10 years I did not have fingerprints on my hand. My fingers would crack, bleed, hurt and all the skin would peel off. Now I Have FINGERPRINTS. God healed me. I know who I AM in Christ. I often feel His Presence all over my body. I am no longer afraid. My Identity is CHRIST. God allowed this physical manifestation as a prophetic sign to show me my true IDENTITY.

I believe this was not just for me, but it is the time for Believers worldwide to Identify only with Christ there is nothing else. Let Him become your Identity also.

Linda Ng —– Seattle, WA



At the gates of forgiveness When we began to drop the confusionary state of mind- We realized what was declared, Our end from the beginning. So far the journey has been timeless, We began in a sphere before the two big objects in the sky governed day and night.

Illusionary soulish realm, “how much turmoil have you reaped? Arise! The energy of life Christ is within. The enemies of the mind are ready to attack Fear, Doubt and Anger Disarm these one by one your given right to judge these harshly until they cease to vanity whence they came from.

Being of Light create your kingdom Don’t forget to build your house first, make it firm and stable on a Rock that will not crack Arise! Above your enemy make sure to crush its head, he just might strike your heel. It’s very temporary, this will surely change, the pain is bringing you up to a new beginning.

Vladimir Remezovskiy – Seattle, WA


I sit and wonder-about the mighty authority that I am under.

It’s an honor to be connected to the Lord in all His majesty.

The prophecies foretold- keeps me inspired and gives me hope.

I remain tough when I travel down the roads that are rough,

I always remember to stand firm on the Word,

Never to forget what was foretold.

The mighty calling was bestowed before the creation of the world.

I am a child with a mighty destiny.

I have a Daddy that will never leave me nor forsake me.

He is the Author and Finisher.

In His book, I am a winner.



When you travel down the river of life- Your boat must be steady.

Your paddles must be firm and your grip must be tight.

The waters get choppy, there’s a big rock ahead.

Danger signs! You dare not travel; they will lead you to death.

As you stand as one with Christ remain firm in His word, never let go.

He will ease the waters and calm the storm.

The river of life will become refreshing to the soul.

By your own strength you didn’t know you would survive.

You wondered why others that were traveling passed you by.

You stopped one of the travelers to say, “How are you getting

The traveler replied; “I keep my eyes on the prize.”

Realize the tears of shame, guilt and fear are keeping you here.

As you wipe your tears away, your vision will become clearer.

You must make it to the finish line; help others that are not yet there.

While on this river you’re not here just for you,

But to throw the life jacket to those who are drowning to.

Delitra Bryant – Seattle, WA



My name is Davy Y. Gunarso, I am from Indonesia. I was raised in a more so traditional church. It was very difficult for me to see how God could be relevant in my daily life. My vision of God was narrow. I could not really see how almost everything in the natural is parallel to the spiritual. As a youth, I thought God was only limited to what most people called “spirituality” which is actually not what our Father meant at all.

As I have now experienced more of the Lord, I begin to see that Spirituality has to do with living in line with and out of the life within us. I also begin to see that God is so much wider than what religion has taught us. God teaches people in the language that they are most familiar with. For people who like art, God may speak to them through the language of art. While others who like fishing, God may speak to them through their fishing experience. Many times I hear him speaking through my studies and experience with other people.

The voice of God is everywhere. Those who have ears to hear, let them hear. God is speaking through both negative and positive experiences. Whether we close or open our ears He’s still speaking. However, listening and obeying the voice will enrich our life and bring transformation to our soul. He also speaks through different kinds of characters of people to bring balance in our life. Learn how to discern His voice behind the voices of different kind of people without being judgmental. My sheep knows (discern) my voice.

In order for us to understand the meaning behind the language (verbal, non verbal) that a person speaks requires a good and intimate relationship. The same is needed to be able understand what our Creator means.

Silence sometimes can be a powerful language of intimacy. Two lovers would look at each others eyes and understand what each other meant. Be still and know the Christ within.

Hear Him speak: I AM Omnipresence. I AM Omniscience. I AM Omnipotent.

I fill ALL space. I know ALL wisdom and science. ALL things are possible through Me.

Do not limit yourself. Let Me do the work in you, through you and as you.

Davy Gunarso – Tulsa, Oklahoma



As we Go To The Father within and learn to abide in that Awesome Presence, our Identity as Christ is realized and expressed. Out of this experience we are compelled to reach outside of ourselves and do the work of the ministry as Beings of Light. Our Mighty Destiny is not to remain hidden in small groups, but to be the River of Life that flows to All -bringing deliverance and life everywhere we go. The Voice that Always Speaks within will continually remind us of the great commission as we listen.

A few weeks ago I begin hearing the Spirit within while in meditation saying, “where are the young voices of the Kingdom?” As I continued in my waiting before the Lord, I began to realized that in most of what we called “Kingdom Gatherings” the people that are assembled are normally 50 years old and above. While we thank God for our elders and honor them with the realization that they are ageless; I am haunted by the questions I heard the Spirit asking.

I pose these provocative questions to our readers and Kingdom leaders. Where Are the Young Voices? What are we doing to make this message more appealing to a generation strung out on drugs, alcohol, infected by religion and desperately looking for God in all the wrong places? Are we becoming another religion, filled with self-centeredness, self righteousness and arrogance? Do we really believe that the message of reconciliation means that we sat back and just let God do everything, while people all around us live in utter hell?

If the messages of Passover (Salvation) and Pentecost (Holy Ghost) have the power to change lives and set the captives free; how much more should not the message of Tabernacles (Fullness/Kingdom)? I feel the Spirit shouting within me, “WHERE IS THE FRUIT?” It is easy to use the futuristic excuse about timing, but don’t religion also. “Except your righteousness exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees (religious systems), you will in no way fully experience the kingdom.”

Many have fallen in love with the message instead of the Messenger (Person/Christ); thus rendering us powerless, ineffective and unfruitful, assembling in our small home groups to hear the latest revelation on how fabulous we are in the kingdom, and having little compassion for the lost.

Is this the extent of our call, to meet in our small groups, observe the feasts, create websites, send tapes and literature to all the fabulous people of the kingdom, as we contemplate on one day how beautiful everything will be? Isn’t this what religion teaches about the rapture in error?

Where are the sons, daughters, grandchildren of the enlightened ones? Is this message of the Kingdom applicable? Has it changed your life to the point that you are compelled to reach out to the lost? Or do we just say, “they’re already reconciled and don’t know it” and leave them in their hell?

There must be a change in our attitude. We seem to have confused “RESTING in Him” to mean not DO-ING anything. We can not truly BE until we DO. Faith without works is DEAD. Two reasons why this message has not had the effect that it could have is, because the majority have been confused about doing the work of the ministry. And the prevalent ignorance about financially supporting the Kingdom, motivated by selfishness and greed under the guise of not being religious.

We have cheapened this glorious Gospel of the Kingdom that proclaims salvation for All. Thus, many do not see it as valuable, priceless and powerful. Many have limited the message to exclusive groups.  Fueled by pride, we have shut others out.



“There are changes coming and a shaking within the next 12 months among the Kingdom People. Some of our leaders will not be around anymore on the physical plane. There will also be a shifting of power. The stage is being set for an explosion of this message from what would appear to the carnal mind as a “religious platform.” Many will immediately be ushered into this new experience and will DO the work of the ministry.

Behind the scenes plans are being made by leaders, a concerted effort to explode the airways (Radio and TV) with this gospel of the kingdom. By the end of summer 2003 Babylon will be reeling with controversy- houses divided. Choose to follow on to know Him or remain in the realm of limitations.”



YOUNG VOICES [John Lewis]          1


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