DECEMBER 11, 2006

This morning, I was awakened very early with this thought:  “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you means a whole lot more than you yet understand.”  Father wanted to show me a deeper revelation and I was quick to get to the computer and listen.  Lev. 19:18 “honor thy father and mother and thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.”

What I began to ‘see’ was the understanding that “every action has a reaction.”  Yes, I knew that on some level… but was it the greater level of understanding that enabled me to put it into practice on a daily basis?  Or was this something I view only as general knowledge and didn’t apply to my life?

Slowly, surely, a deeper understanding began to settle within me… a more applicable comprehension of the consequences of my own actions and how my relationships with others really produce the quality, or lack of same, in my own life.

Energy is eternal, but it can be positive energy or negative energy.  And it is the quality of energy that we extend to others that is extended back to us through others.  I’m ‘seeing’ a set of scales and realizing that my entire life is being created by my own actions.  And I’m comprehending, at a far deeper level this morning, that when I send out negative reports about others, there will be negative reports coming back about me… it is a spiritual law that cannot be altered except through awareness and repentance.  In this respect, we surely are participating in a type of creation.  It is well within our own hands [mind – thought life, speaking, responses of action] that we create our own world of daily experiences. 

Give and it shall be given unto you… pressed down, shaken together, shall men given unto your bosom.

For with the ___________ that you give shall it be given





















YOUR ACTIONS CREATE REACTIONS [Sunny Orly Coffman] 12-11-06          1


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