AUGUST 9, 2005


In your eyes, I’m complete

As I walk in Thee.

In your eyes.

It is in your eyes.


In you, I know inside

In you, I know to reside.

When You show me,

From your eyes I can see

A world made for thee.


In thee, oh, God,

I reside in Thee

I abide in they love divine

I walk head held high

And I wont say nay

That it is in you that I abide.


I abide in your presence

Every day, Oh Lord,

I abide in thy sight,

I know, dear Lord.


For in Thee I have strength

And I know Thee

That to live in joy

I must abide


I abide in Thee

And I’m thankful, Lord

I abide in Thee

And I will forevermore


I’m not dwelling just in lands

But I realize your plan

For I’m abiding –

I’m abiding in you, Lord.


For in times like these, I recognize,

It is Your love that prevails.


It prevails in the darkest moment of man

In the lowest valley where I may stand


I just know that it is your love that veils

And that it continues eternally to prevail.


YOUR LOVE PREVAILS [Through Roger Dale Coffman, Sr.] 8-9-05 ~ SONG          1


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